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About Shell Energy Connect

A website designed distinctively with our customers in mind

Shell Energy Connect is an online portal that provides our customers with 24-hour access to market insights, invoices, account information and more to assist them with their day-to-day business needs. Available to new and existing customers, the portal is full of features such as:

         •  A “My Dashboard” homepage with a customizable design that gives users control of what information to display
         •  Pricing information for natural gas, power and crude oil readily available and quick to validate
         •  Access to “Market Insights” comprised of daily, weekly and monthly reports covering the U.S. and Canadian energy markets
         •  Current and historical account information such as monthly account balances and power invoices retrievable via “My Account”
         •  A “My Profile” feature that grants users the ability to set email subscriptions, dashboard notifications and update their account information

To preview Shell Energy Connect and its capabilities, play the video below:


Gas and Power Products

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Our customers benefit from a wide variety of energy products, services and solutions.


Serving the Industry

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Shell Energy is one of the largest energy suppliers in North America.


Register for an Account

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Customers can access their account information, invoices and market insights.