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Commercial and Industrial

Cost-effective energy solutions tailored to your business needs

As one of North America’s largest wholesale electricity providers with access to some of the continent’s most productive natural gas reserves, you can be sure of Shell Energy to provide a well-managed supply your business can depend on.

We can also help you green your energy mix to meet sustainability goals, with more than 1/3 of Shell Energy’s managed power portfolio coming from renewable sources and a wide range of cost-effective environmental products.

Combined with our competitive rates, our smart behind-the-meter solutions can help optimize your consumption and reduce total energy spend. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Shell Energy, MP2 Energy offers more than 575 megawatts of dispatchable load and provides the customized demand response solutions commercial and industrial customers need throughout ERCOT and PJM.

Tailored Solutions for your Business

         •  Economic price-based demand response
         •  Call option-based demand response products
         •  ISO capacity, emergency and ancillary service demand response
         •  Utility emergency and tariff cost management demand response
         •  Combinations of the above during different times of the day and year
         •  Real-time power plant management measuring, monitoring and adjusting every 4 seconds
         •  Seamless execution of Demand Response dispatch instructions
         •  Wholesale transactions, retail transactions and risk management in real-time

Shell Energy will also help you mitigate financial risk with hedging and trading solutions backed by our leading global market intelligence.