As the nation’s largest combined power and gas marketer, Shell Energy utilizes market presence to maximize profit through reliable gas supply, strategic price hedging and expert risk management

From beginning to end of the generation process, Shell Energy delivers distinctive products and services in order to help our customers reach their financial goals. Our broad capabilities within the gas and power industries benefit generators as they receive valuable insight on load variations, market intelligence on pricing, and accurate updates on system requirements and issues.

Shell Energy is capable of transporting over 10 billion cubic feet (Bcf) across our extensive North American trading network. Through asset management agreements, our trading specialists optimize the use of our customers’ existing fuel supply and transportation contracts while ensuring all daily operational fuel needs are met. Our energy professionals structure energy management agreements and tolling arrangements for customers to capitalize on their full generation capacity.

As generators look to maximize sales through efficient energy production, Shell Energy offers the advanced technology needed to monitor and manage intra-day fluctuations, ensuring our gas supply matches each plant’s real time burn rates. Additionally, we minimize costs by means of active trading in order to capture movement in the value of electricity and natural gas. Our trading network provides the platform for hedging market price and managing risk, ensuring the profitability and long-term success of our customers. 

From straightforward day-ahead index based gas and power transactions to complex multi-year fixed price and structured deals, Shell Energy is able to assist you in meeting your overall business objectives.