Shell Energy North America and its subsidiaries are a source of commodities and confidence for independent power producers

Supply is fundamental for power producers that rely on natural gas to fire their generation plants. When peak power demand hits, Shell Energy North America is a source of both commodities and confidence. Our diverse network of supply includes access to Shell’s daily production of 1.5 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas in North America.

Augmenting our own production, we have marketing and trading specialists to find energy from other producers on the open market—a capacity that allows us to sell more than 10 Bcf of natural gas each day.

In addition to supply procurement, our energy professionals are skilled at managing pipeline transport, gas storage facilities, and storage injection and withdrawal to meet supply needs. We also can help producers assess their emissions profile, and provide guidance in the emerging carbon offset markets.

These capabilities are enhanced by an A/A3 credit rating, and risk management professionals to help customers achieve stable prices that meet their business goals.