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The reliable supply, asset management and trading expertise utilities need

Whether you’re looking to diversify your supply, meet peak demand, outsource asset management or sell excess capacity, our regional experts can help you achieve your goals. With more than 10 gigawatts of power generation capacity and more than 10.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas sold every day, Shell Energy offers a reliable supply you can depend on.

Wholesale Power Products

         •   Power purchase agreements
         •   Fixed price and heat rate block transactions
         •   Hourly shaped power sales and purchases
         •   Gas for power
         •   Heat Rate Call Options
         •   Power options - calls/revenue puts
         •   Full requirements
         •   Load following transactions
         •   Risk management products
         •   Energy Conversion Agreements

Wholesale Natural Gas Products

         •   Baseload/swing/bandwidth gas supply
         •   Peaking gas supply
         •   Gas options - puts/calls (U.S. ONLY)
         •   Full gas supply requirements
         •   Asset management agreements
         •   Risk management products

Utilities will also benefit from competitive pricing made possible by Shell Energy’s scale and financial strength — all backed by an A+/A2 credit rating. And, our trading specialists will help you manage financial risk by buying or selling excess power on the open market.